Everyone Has a Story 2 ~ Savi Sharma

“Don’t regret anything when your day ends, but use it to inspire greater things the next day.”

I’m not sure about everyone, but I have the habit of reflecting on how my day went before I go to sleep every day. Sometimes, it makes me feel sad to think about the things I’ve been through or the tasks I didn’t complete on that particular day. However, I can’t deny the fact that there are also days when I feel happy, content, and proud of myself. That’s life, isn’t it? A mixture of sweetness and salt. This is what Part 2 of the book “Everyone Has a Story-2” is all about.

Love is a healing force in the world, and one cannot discount its power. It defines us, it changes us. We just have to allow it to happen!

While we enjoy sharing our stories with others, there are certain chapters that we tend to conceal when recollecting those memories. These chapters contain the most intimate details of our lives, moments when we’re at our most vulnerable and going through dark phases. Although, it is not our intention to hide these chapters, I guess, only the people we love can provide us with the courage to reveal them and share the details.

Have you ever met that someone who has given you the courage to tell your untold chapters? As for myself, I’m still waiting for that someone who can empower me in that way. Even if they were to enter my life at this point, I might still need a significant amount of time to open up and show my vulnerability.

One of the most powerful forces in the world is hope. Hope is a constant factor. Persistence and tenacious, it lifts people up and gives them a reason to dream.

Hope is a very wonderful aspect of life. It provides us with the strength to hold on to our hopes and dreams, to strive towards turning them into reality, and to keep moving forward, regardless of whether they become our reality. Personally, I understand that life is a blend of highs and lows. I fully enjoy my high moments and do my best to endure the lows while anticipating the return of the high phases 🙂

Reach for the fruit on the branches, don’t wait for the gravity to hand it to you. Dreams are only realized when you fight to grab hold of them. Giving the power to fear is taking power from confidence.

Life often knocks us down, perhaps more frequently than we would like. It can be incredibly challenging to find the inner strength to maintain hope and move forward. However, I don’t believe that merely waiting for time to pass and bring better times while making no effort to improve our situation is a smart move. While life may knock us down at times, it also rewards us with success and happiness.

In this book, Part One focuses on the backstory and history of the four characters, while Part Two delves into their journey of perseverance during tough times. It’s easy to drift away and become overwhelmed by our failures or setbacks, but it requires immense strength, hope, and determination to transform those failures into success stories. Along the way, we also need that one person who supports and stands by us through every phase.

Never, ever say, ‘Life can’t get worse.’ Because it can!

I no longer use the word ‘never.’ There have been countless times when I used to say, “I am never going to do that,” “I’ll never eat this,” or “I’ll never…”. However, 99% of the time, I surprised myself by doing those very things. Sometimes it was due to situations and priorities, and other times, I had no reason; I just did the things I thought I’d never do. Similarly, there have been moments when I thought, “This is the worst phase of my life.” Life has its peculiar way of proving me wrong every single time. This applies not only to the worst phases but also to the best ones.

After my first heartbreak (technically not the right term), I believed I could never love anyone as much as I loved the first person, but it turned out I could (although it didn’t progress). That’s when I decided not to use the word ‘never’ ever again (although writing this makes me feel like I might end up using it again, but let’s see!).

“Good books don’t give up all their secrets at once” ~ Stephen King

To be honest, I found reading the first part of ‘Everyone Has a Story’ more enjoyable than the second. While reading the two books one after the other, I did notice a slight difference in the writing style. However, I also discovered that there’s a lot more to reflect upon in the second book than in the first.

In three words, I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: “It Goes On” ~ Robert Frost

Until I finish reading another book!

With Gratitude,
Teja Sree Goli

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