"Our Life is what Our Thoughts Make it!"
~Marcus Aurelius

Finding moments of happiness and fulfillment can be difficult in a world that frequently feels chaotic and overwhelming. Join me on my journey to comprehend more about life by browsing the ideas and personal experiences that I share in my digital space. 

On this journey, let’s strive to deepen our connections with one another and with ourselves.

About Me

      Hey there, I am Teja Sree Goli a Graduate Student, an amateur Writer and a passionate admirer of Nature.

In this digital space, I want to share what I keep learning in and about life from my personal experiences as well as by reading about other people’s experiences in books and ancient philosophies. As an engineering student, I am curious about the extent to which modern technology can help us stay connected to who we are and what our history is. And in general, I am curious about every other thing that grabs my attention.

So, let’s start our journey of learning here together! 
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