Welcome To My Digital Space!!

Are you curious to know more about me?

My name is Teja Sree Goli and I’m a Graduate Student, an Amateur Writer, a passionate Admirer of Nature and a mix of every other thing that you can possibly think of.

Nature is the only element in the universe that can make me feel at ease and keep me sane while I hustle to keep up with the pace of the ever-changing world around me. I enjoy being connected to nature because it reinforces my belief that humanity’s existence demands constant transitions. trying to live each moment to the fullest has taught me to discover joy in the littlest things. I enjoy finding out more about the nature of existence and I developed the habit of reading books as a result of this interest. I want to share with you in this digital space what I keep learning in and about life from my personal experiences as well as by reading about other people’s experiences in books and ancient philosophies. As an engineering student, I am also curious about the extent to which modern technology can help us stay connected to who we are and what our history is. So, let’s start our journey of learning here together.

! Note: Although I don’t have a fixed hobby, I enjoy writing fictional stories/ poetry, reading non-fiction books, watching documentaries, real-life based/ science fiction movies, dancing, listening to music and trying out new experiences!! Don’t give a second thought if you want to invite me for anything 😜

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